Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy physiotherapy day!

Today is the day, where physios all over the world are celebrated! hurray. passion makes all the difference - as all the seniors have said.

growing up, a major practical concern is how to manage our finances. as much as i would like to trust God, I can't help but worry about how we are going to afford the many things needed in the future. relooking our past investments/expenditures and thinking of the next step ahead. yes we make mistakes in our youth but hey we are still young and we learn from such experiences. thats what life is all about isnt it! as much as its stressful, its also exciting that we are now managing "adult" issues now and having to make bigger life decisions. at the end of the day we can also rest fully, that the biggest and most important life decision has already been made; and then ultimately we have the highest hope, and have nothing really to lose on this earth.

finally feeling the effects of my night duty - so goodnight world! ill see you in dreamland

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Seeing a friend post photos of her korea trip makes me miss korea very very much. honestly, as much as  i felt like korea was such a crazy place, i really really enjoyed my korea trip. maybe it was cos i was travelling alone (kind of) with just the company of one of my best friends when she was able to meet me! or maybe because i really really loved korean food. or maybe because i loved the intense cold (even though i never liked the cold in brissy), its ironic but i do like it when its so cold i need to bundle myself up in layers.. i miss exploring the city by myself, i miss all the cafes and hot drinks ! and i miss hearing a different language being spoken around me all the time. 

i miss my red hair too.. HAHA. dyed it in korea and i really liked it!! i explored this palace all by myself and this photo was taken by some japanese boy haha. i remember because they asked me to take a photo for them and were shocked that i could understand them (vaguely) and reply them - something really simple. 
this lake was frozen and really really peaceful <3

some river!! in the city that was really nice to walk along

the awesome awesome food that i will never forget. they were all really affordable too!

happily bundled up ^^

a really really nice neighbourhood! honestly, off my head i cant remember any of the places i went to but hopefully if i see the train map i will have some vague memory
i really hope that i can bring justin back one day, to show him all the places i went to and to explore places i didnt go! i cant decide if i want to go in winter, or spring (where the flowers will be blooming and i can shop till i drop). but then we also want to go to the maldives one day! and considering the many factors that we need to consider by the time we get married, im not sure how many places we can actually go. but anyhow, no harm putting them on the list and see where God leads us (:

enough dreaming, time to roll into bed and conquer friday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ive been coming to this space more often these days. perhaps its because ive been coming home more and justin's busy with his course. perhaps its because im rotating soon and ive been thinking about things a lot.

its been a great eight months in the geri team and im so thankful for all the colleagues ive made. i didnt know what to expect coming back to work in Singapore and having to adjust back to a Singaporean environment. and while it was crazy at first i was always thankful for colleagues whom I could finally connect with at a comfortable level. and now after eight months i can truly say ive found friends & not just colleagues at my workplace. they have thought me so much - about work and about life. and im so so grateful.

ive also learnt so much about the geriatric population. how our mindset and attitudes can change everything about life, how life is so fragile, how life is short, how therapy/physical activity can influence one's life so significantly. its interesting to hear stories of these people who have lived so long - it makes me wonder what kind of life i want to live, what kind of stories i would tell, what kind of old age i would have. ive also picked up some dialect - while its far from fluent, i think i can at least get by. ^^

in other news, ive passed my audit! it wasnt great great, but it was fine. it reminded me of my uni days and how i went through them. it reminded me that i have much to learn, much to grow. and hopefully ill grow in this profession steadily in the different ways. at least i know i have passed this rotation and can happily move on (:

august/september is going to be a tough month. im glad i got to come home early this week. relatively early since ive been ending work later (its crazy at work); but not going out. ive also been exercising more (thanks to the boyfriend & a newfound exercise buddy at work!) - even though im not losing weight. but these are little things to be thankful for amidst a really tiring week..

in the meantime im thankful for my little countdown app, it actually makes me feel good about the days gradually passing. towards the various milestones in life

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

nothing to prove

cos we truly dont. many times things are not within our control, and we are who we are in Him, how He has created us and opened and closed doors. so why do we fret so much?

i know i do. from the big things to the small. but today i was reminded, that I have nothing to prove. i dont have to chase after worldly standards of success or growth or whatnot. because national day just passed, the government has been talking a lot about how we dont need a degree to be "successful", write ups on success stories have been plastered everywhere. what about those who dont? those who go down the normal path and not make it big? is leading a quiet, normal life not good enough for us? we can live contented, fulfilled lives whether or not we become successful, can we not?

these days i find myself asking myself what kind of life do i want to lead? what kind of future do i want? i have no answers, but in the mean time - i press on and do my best at the jobs at hand! being the best child of God, physio, daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend that i can be (: to be faithful in the little things (one of my mottos in life!)
an old song i love

Thursday, August 21, 2014

i only have a few weeks left to my next rotation, and i must say - i think I've learnt a lot working where i am. not just the clinical aspect, but about life. dealing with real life problems and real social issues and seeing people towards the end of their lifespan has really got me thinking about the kind of life i want to lead. it has given me a much greater perspective - that sometimes, we strive so hard - but do we know what we are striving for, and what it will all come to at the end of the day? I'm not saying we shouldn't put in effort, but sometimes, we need to learn that there are other things in life that are important too.

ive also come to realise that very often we think that we know better than others, we know best, when perhaps we really dont.

anyhow, im excited to see what this change will bring, it has been an awesome rotation and i think ive made the best colleagues i can ever make - and for this im truly grateful. But I've learnt that I'm someone who appreciates changes, and how little milestones for me to look forward to helps to keep me going! ^^

im also really excited to see pandas this weekend, so lets get through this friday (TGIF!) and have an awesome weekend. <3!

Monday, August 11, 2014

my body has been feeling strange of late. sometimes knowing too much makes me paranoid and worry about everything which probably makes me feel worse. probably some form of psychological effect!

i think adapting to a big change in terms of having another person in my life has been more challenging then i thought! of course, it has been an amazing journey and im thankful how things turned out. but its difficult juggling all these commitments.. i think initially it was just adapting to work and having family around (ie family commitments) and friends and church/cg and it was quite good. like i could fit me-time and friends and family all pretty well i guess. but it was struggling with the whole concept of work in the light of our christian faith & temporal life on earth.

now, im still struggling with work - but more accepting of it as an essential part of life. and how God intended things to be. and things are falling more into a routine (kind of) but then its then easy to just go through the motions of life and not stopping to think. or to focus on what needs to be done. or just feel very distracted somehow.

so im here to stop & say hello (: and may the rest of august be good. no more ndp rehearsals on sat! ^^

Friday, August 1, 2014

there are days like these where random dreams come and i feel lost thinking about my future again. then again why bother, when the next 6 years are not really within my control anyway, yet i believe there are still some choices - within certain boundaries i guess.

and here's to the end of my PTC week, to the end of quiet mornings for me to wake up slowly, have a good breakfast, read, before heading off to work. quiet evenings in the hospital. it has been a good week; ive enjoyed the change (:

and well august is here! "school" is starting soon. new rotation soon. excited! i think im someone who embraces change. to a certain extent. hahaha