Saturday, September 27, 2014

saturdate! happy three (:

we discovered a new quaint place that we both really liked today (; in sentosa! havent been to sentosa in a really really long time. the last i remembered was sw's comms ball haha that was like 5? years ago??  its touristy, but not as crowded as i thought it would be. especially before 1pm(:

lunch at tablescape! 

our mocktail called Cinderella! (: 

 yumyum (: it was a quiet, fine lunch which we enjoyed in peace. bread as starters; salad/soup for appetizer; his beef/my barrumundi; and ice cream for dessert ^^ we were both very satisfied after that!

we (especially j) really liked the feel/ambience of the place - he kept raving about it and how he really wanted to come back and stay here in the future! if we can - after we get married in the far future haha

we headed to underwaterworld after - and enjoyed a show put up by these pink dolphins & sea lions!

 i love watching dolphins jump and leap - there's something so elegant and beautiful about them, i could watch them the whole day

i also really like these underwater tunnels(: of course this was much older as compared to the newer sea aquarium, but it was still an afternoon well spent just taking some time off our busy lives to spend time with each other. im glad we made this agreement to spend at least once a month to do something more special rather than the usual routine. to be honest, its only three months but we have definitely settled into our own routine already! most of the time - if we are able to meet on weekdays its dinner at my place. weekends is spend running errands/attending events/gatherings together, church and then dinner with each other's family. so i appreciate the times when we are able to just put aside everything else and just be with each other. and i hope we dont stop doing that!
taking touristy shots with the merlion! just like two months ago when we took a photo with the merlion in front of fullerton. 
was also just talking to the brother about results and about progressions with j and it just makes me think about how our society can be so performance driven. even when its not the paper chase, grades, we still look at performance in some way or another. i guess society needs to have a benchmark somehow? but still, is it not tiring to always be trying to meet a certain expectation thats placed on us artificially? by another human being? im glad our God is not a performance based God but one who provides the way back to Him despite our rebellion & failures. and in that, we can trust, we can be secure, we can hide under His wings. 

alright, going to attempt to run a 10km tomorrow. my aim is to finish it without walking. (:

how do you know what is your calling??

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"The way to find your calling is to look at the way you were created. Your gifts have not emerged by accident" - Tim Keller

In an asian culture, sometimes its hard to identify our gifts. We shy away from acknowledging what we are good at, afraid of being seemed as arrogant, and not being able to live up to expectations after. But God does create us with gifts - and I guess we should learn to embrace these gifts and acknowledge them and use them to serve His Kingdom and to serve His people. but to remember that failure does not mean that we are not gifted anymore, having a gift in a particular area does not mean that we are perfect, we are human afterall.. 

my grandma randomly asked about our housing plans in the future after we get married. haha it was quite funny but sorry not yet! 

I've been learning and reflecting on the concept of Sabbath and rest. (in my not so well state). The sabbath is something God commanded. seems strange isnt it? Why does he need to order us to rest when we always say we want to rest, we are tired, but yet we struggle to set aside time to truly rest. such an irony! but rest is part of God's perfect intentions and plans for us as mankind - so I am going to learn to obey & rest.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

sometimes a person's comment can really linger in my mind and affect me more than it should.
sometimes the inner battles within me can really drain me.
sometimes being with people too much can really drain me. although i get really recharged by one on one, deep & personal conversations.

to let go of the need to prove myself, to let go of the need to have to be accepted by everyone, to let go of all these sinful nature in me.

"Out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person."

there is too much wickedness in this world, and we have accepted them as part of our nature and our society - that we dont even recognise them anymore. that scares me. O Lord, purify my heart and make me clean, keep me in your righteousness.

Lord in praying for the matter about my future slightly more in recent days, it has revealed a lot of fears in my heart. the fear of failure, of people's judgement, of not being able to fulfil my own expectations. of not being able to make it or take the stress/toughness of it.of not coping. fears that I did not know existed.

i used to want a wedding with lots of people at a really nice hotel. but after attending a few weddings, i think perhaps a cosy one would do ^^

im so tired, but thank you lord for a weekend to look forward to this week - quietness with you, me and my favourite boy. i know you will bring me through this week (:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

today as i sat in that new testament class it dawned on me that these archaeological pieces exist in this world. that out there there are scraps of paper (papyrus) that originated from the 2nd century thousands of years ago and is part of history. that all this is real. perhaps one day i will be able to visit Israel and visit these places that are mentioned in the bible or visit one of these museums with these cool antiques.

Places I hope to go to one day (if i can) include
1. Maldives (for my honeymoon!)
2. Israel
3. Japan
4. Climb some mountain somewhere
5. Go back to korea

but for me travelling is a luxury and not a need and at this point in time, luxury is not something I can afford too often. I'm supposed to do something productive but I can't get myself to do productive things at night. its terrible ):

this on/off thoughts at the back of my mind about my future also haunts me at times. its tiring to have these thoughts running in my head - but yet i know that God has my future in control and He will open the right doors in the right time. for now - i need to focus on being the best physio i can be for my patients

alright, cant be productive but after sunday's mentoring session about protecting our sabbath. i have decided to protect my daily sabbath time with God and protect it fiercely - may it be a non negotiable!

goodnight world. may we seek the things that are above, where Christ is, this very day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy physiotherapy day!

Today is the day, where physios all over the world are celebrated! hurray. passion makes all the difference - as all the seniors have said.

growing up, a major practical concern is how to manage our finances. as much as i would like to trust God, I can't help but worry about how we are going to afford the many things needed in the future. relooking our past investments/expenditures and thinking of the next step ahead. yes we make mistakes in our youth but hey we are still young and we learn from such experiences. thats what life is all about isnt it! as much as its stressful, its also exciting that we are now managing "adult" issues now and having to make bigger life decisions. at the end of the day we can also rest fully, that the biggest and most important life decision has already been made; and then ultimately we have the highest hope, and have nothing really to lose on this earth.

finally feeling the effects of my night duty - so goodnight world! ill see you in dreamland

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Seeing a friend post photos of her korea trip makes me miss korea very very much. honestly, as much as  i felt like korea was such a crazy place, i really really enjoyed my korea trip. maybe it was cos i was travelling alone (kind of) with just the company of one of my best friends when she was able to meet me! or maybe because i really really loved korean food. or maybe because i loved the intense cold (even though i never liked the cold in brissy), its ironic but i do like it when its so cold i need to bundle myself up in layers.. i miss exploring the city by myself, i miss all the cafes and hot drinks ! and i miss hearing a different language being spoken around me all the time. 

i miss my red hair too.. HAHA. dyed it in korea and i really liked it!! i explored this palace all by myself and this photo was taken by some japanese boy haha. i remember because they asked me to take a photo for them and were shocked that i could understand them (vaguely) and reply them - something really simple. 
this lake was frozen and really really peaceful <3

some river!! in the city that was really nice to walk along

the awesome awesome food that i will never forget. they were all really affordable too!

happily bundled up ^^

a really really nice neighbourhood! honestly, off my head i cant remember any of the places i went to but hopefully if i see the train map i will have some vague memory
i really hope that i can bring justin back one day, to show him all the places i went to and to explore places i didnt go! i cant decide if i want to go in winter, or spring (where the flowers will be blooming and i can shop till i drop). but then we also want to go to the maldives one day! and considering the many factors that we need to consider by the time we get married, im not sure how many places we can actually go. but anyhow, no harm putting them on the list and see where God leads us (:

enough dreaming, time to roll into bed and conquer friday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ive been coming to this space more often these days. perhaps its because ive been coming home more and justin's busy with his course. perhaps its because im rotating soon and ive been thinking about things a lot.

its been a great eight months in the geri team and im so thankful for all the colleagues ive made. i didnt know what to expect coming back to work in Singapore and having to adjust back to a Singaporean environment. and while it was crazy at first i was always thankful for colleagues whom I could finally connect with at a comfortable level. and now after eight months i can truly say ive found friends & not just colleagues at my workplace. they have thought me so much - about work and about life. and im so so grateful.

ive also learnt so much about the geriatric population. how our mindset and attitudes can change everything about life, how life is so fragile, how life is short, how therapy/physical activity can influence one's life so significantly. its interesting to hear stories of these people who have lived so long - it makes me wonder what kind of life i want to live, what kind of stories i would tell, what kind of old age i would have. ive also picked up some dialect - while its far from fluent, i think i can at least get by. ^^

in other news, ive passed my audit! it wasnt great great, but it was fine. it reminded me of my uni days and how i went through them. it reminded me that i have much to learn, much to grow. and hopefully ill grow in this profession steadily in the different ways. at least i know i have passed this rotation and can happily move on (:

august/september is going to be a tough month. im glad i got to come home early this week. relatively early since ive been ending work later (its crazy at work); but not going out. ive also been exercising more (thanks to the boyfriend & a newfound exercise buddy at work!) - even though im not losing weight. but these are little things to be thankful for amidst a really tiring week..

in the meantime im thankful for my little countdown app, it actually makes me feel good about the days gradually passing. towards the various milestones in life