Monday, July 28, 2014

and this is my prayer

"so the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily"

thankful for extended time to dwell in the word of the Lord this week. it is truly comfort to the soul.
thankful that ive found my lifelong partner, and i know more than ever that he is the one that God has brought into my life and he is the one i am to love and to work out all issues with, to journey together and to reflect God's holiness in our relationship
thankful for brothers & sisters in Christ, to journey life on this side of heaven together, and to encourage and build each other up
thankful that I can call him abba Father! for without Him life will truly not be the same
thankful that I have a job (: that even though working is tough, i am able to be part of his creation in this way for this season

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

if we do things for others to see, we will have no reward. but the Lord who sees in secret would reward us in heaven

Saturday, July 12, 2014

its hard to blog about work as compared to school cos there are so many sensitive issues that is not good to talk about publicly!

but anyway, i guess there are other things to talk about other than work.

i got back with justin a few weeks ago. and well, getting back with someone you've dated before is very, very different. i didnt expect that there will be too much spark/'over the moon' feeling but there was. many people were happy for us and im thankful for all their support (: but! that also didnt last too long, i guess it was easy for us to slip into the "comfortable" zone where all we wanted to do was nua really really easily. and then it was also easy to slip into taking each other for granted and getting irritated easily really quickly as well. so well, there's still a lot to learn but im glad though that we are learning & trying to put God in the centre of our relationship(: that makes truckloads of difference

its so easy to get overwhelmed by the slightest things.. need to learn to keep calm and

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello july

and so here we are, second half of 2014. Time truly does fly by

I wonder what I've done and I've tried tracing significant events each month but I need to dig up that piece of paper again. It's funny how we always hold on to past memories and try to remember as much as we can but there is only so much our brain can hold.

yesterday, today and tomorrow has enough to handle in itself.

but my favourite month of June is now over and, I must say it was a good month, I had a lot of fun and God has been real and faithful. looking forward to a busier second half of the year and adapting to big changes in life.

bring it on, I say (:

Monday, June 2, 2014

hello june

june is here!!! june is my favourite month of the year, so please be a good month june 2014! ^^

church camp next week  & holiday with my parentsss - dont see how bad my june can be! i sound like a kid dont i. i feel like a kid ranting about having to work to j because he seems so grown up in handling working life. all i do is ... act like a little child.

yesterday's day of prayer was an eye opener though - amongst other things it made me reflect on the attitude that i brought to my job. of needing to look at each elderly as an individual with a story, to look upon them with love and compassion. sometimes its so easy to just want to get through the day and get through the load that i forget that each of them is someone with a soul, with needs and wants and desires. sometimes because they lose the ability to articulate those needs, that i brush these needs, wants, desires aside. O Lord, forgive me for my cold & hardened heart, soften my heart and give me the compassion and love for every single soul you place in my path. not for compliments or for appreciation or for accolades/achievement, but may my audience be You.

i had a really really enjoyable weekend. very yummy brunch with good company, another good heart to heart talk, quiet celebratory night with the family, bbq with the sec 1 girls (who have so much energy - where i went "im too old for this..." but looking at them reminds me of those who had once invested in me, and now i hope to invest in them, im not sure how - but somehow when God opens doors. and global day of prayer which was great (: packed but funfilled weekend! no wonder i was so tired this morning, but! here's to an early night and an awesome four more days of work

goodnight world x

Saturday, May 17, 2014

i find human beings really funny sometimes. it seems to me that people are always setting "rules" and what is "good" or not for others but when it comes to themselves, they do different things in different circumstances. it is evident that one standard "rule" cannot apply to different situations very often, yet we often jump to put our opinions onto other people. but when we ourselves are involved in a particular situation, i think we tend to act very differently ?

so perhaps need to take what people say with a pinch of salt, and watch our words closely before giving people advice/opinions or ask ourselves if perhaps we are almost forcing our opinion on others??

sometimes we go through life in an endless pursuit. yet we dont really know what we are chasing after, at the end of it - how will we determine if we had a good life? all in all i hope to be contented with each and everyday :) simply with what the Lord has provided me with! that at the end of the day i can say that i am thankful with the years and months and days ive been given, and im ready to be with Him forever. hahaha ^^

Thursday, May 8, 2014

how do you know if its love? what is love anyway

love defined by God and love defined by the world.

my fingers are sore from trying to practice for worship tomorrow and i still cant decide which key to play in. why is something so simple so difficult! rawr.

its friday. TGIF!